Disability Support

We Provide a full range of care and support services.

Our support services are divided into four groups. 


Forensic Disability Support:

Our supports are aimed to mitigate the risk of re-offending and support clients to achieve their transitional goals. Bail, Parole, Drugs treatment order (DTO) Community corrections order (CCO) Supervised treatment order (STO) Non-custodial Supervision order (NCSO) Outreach programs and other bail conditions.

Disability support

Personal grooming including showering, dressing, household tasks, meal preparation, grocery shopping, medication administration, Community Inclusion, Social networking, Sensory programs, Transportation, Appointments, Daily living skills development.

Specialist support

This is suitable for those with complex care needs, such as active night and sleepovers, support with personal care.

Complex bowel care, PEG Feeding management, Cerebral Palsy, Tracheostomy care, Epilepsy, Autism, Dementia care, Spinal Cord Injuries, ABI

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

This NDIS support that provides help or supervision with daily tasks. This helps you to build daily living skills and to live independently as possible, in your own home.

We work with most major Australian funders of aged care and disability supports including the NDIS, TAC, Work Cover, Home Care Packages (HCP)

True Hands Nursing and Disability Services charges for all supports as per current NDIS Price Guide. This includes the Temporary Transition Payment (TTP) for applicable services.